One woman's journey; 8 years in a sacred site...

 Book Cover Design:  Bosa Grgurevic

Book Cover Design:  Bosa Grgurevic


"Nature's power places; doorways to other realms and altered realities."

To be released in early 2018

Tags: Non-fiction, archaeology, altered states, occult and ancient knowledge, North American history, metaphysics. 

Spots of the Fawn is a look into Earth’s power spots; the term first coined by The Hopi and known to all indigenous peoples as power places. Places of immense energy we can measure with field instruments; places our ancestors deliberately chose to build their sacred places upon. But what happens within these places, a universal phenomenon all human beings are vulnerable to, leaves even science questioning the nature of reality.

It has been noted by global researchers that ancient people located these sites and harnessed, then altered and increased the natural energies observed within them. Theories speculated upon are increased crop yields, fertility and consciousness altering concepts.  If this is so, they understood and practiced the art of High Geomancy; manipulating the natural earth energies of the land for plant, animal and human benefits. 100 percent of all sacred sites, globally, are built upon "Spots of the Fawn." The reason for this is hotly debated, across many areas of study.

Within these very specific places one may enter an involuntary, and often unaware, altered state of consciousness capable of blurring the lines between everyday reality and what the ancient indigenous called “the other world.” In other words, much like plant medicines and other visionary substances containing DMT, the land doesn’t let go of you until it’s ready. Spots of the Fawn  not only awaken the power within; their power changes our perception of what's around us. They appear to make the "unseen" -- "seen." They’re built upon magnetic anomalies and are heavy in electromagnetics; things shown by science to induce altered states.  But what exactly is an altered state? Is it simply brain chemistry that creates visions?  Or is it a state that allows us to perceive what is normally hidden from us?  

This book centers on a power spot known as Severed Hand, an area the author studied for 8 years, scouting and identifying indigenous archaeology. It is here within this area of study, a prehistoric ceremonial landscape, she experiences chilling and seemingly very real events such as spirit phenomena, UFOs, sky creatures, light anomalies, cryptids and ghosts of the ancestors; things all witnessed in what appeared to be “ordinary-everyday-reality” while mapping and photographing this extraordinary location for others.  

Here, while the author was clear and functioning in everyday reality as she worked, the land would generate experiences so rich in universal symbols and archetypes they would reconnect her to her indigenous roots and the ancient spiritual traditions she was raised with. It was as if the land itself was conscious and aware, always reaching out, using these symbols and metaphors like a language.  Animals, plants, the elements and even weather became living glyphs of “nature’s language.” But so did light anomalies and strange creatures such as Therianthropes and Anthropomorphs. And at times, what our ancestors called "sky people." 

It was during these times, the author learned much about herself and her subconscious realms, as well as about “the reality of nature” and how it is still yet to be understood by today’s science. For the author, it is her opinion that “this reality” is a part of “another;” another part of our mysterious, natural world, which at times bleeds into our own and as  unreal as it sounds, on rare occasions, leaves its inexplicable fingerprints on our physical reality.

First working under scientific assumptions and measuring the energies with instruments, then overwhelmed with the sheer “unreality” the location took her to, in the end she found her life enriched and illuminated in a new way. The site itself, healing many of her inner wounds as it opened her mind and expanded her senses to share its timeless knowledge.

It is the understanding of Medicine People and megalithic researchers alike that sacred sites were built where they were for a reason; to take us to other realms and realities. Where we might, if we’re open, speak with Spirits of Path and Place. If you were to ask the author, what she learned that would help others have experiences such as hers, she’d speak of a “recipe.”

1.       Human consciousness.

2.       A Spot of the Fawn.

3.       And an altered state of mind.

It’s all you need. And you’re there.  

All proceeds from this book will be donated to local tribal foundations upon release.