The Dark and The Light are two sides of the same…

I saw a small black and white bird today, nesting at my home. Suddenly, I remembered something and saw a concept clearly. Later, everything I noted seemed to be black and white; my subconscious was telling me something important via "nature's language."

Over 12 years ago now, my friends and I went out into the land together. Two of my friends were Oglala Sioux who were visiting from the reservation in the east. One man, was to become a spiritual leader in his community, much later in his life. The other was his childhood friend and a traditional, ceremonial dancer who competed and performed often at Pow Wow. Both had been exposed to traditional training.

We were out at night and climbed a high bluff of red rock, a sign the Earth was powerful there; the Red Rock symbolizing a wound in the earth where it was healing itself. And like the body’s mysterious immune system, to be caught up in the healing area, would heal you, as well. Today we know it was filled with Iron and minerals which are conductive, generating high EMFs, which are conducive to creating powerful altered states and which effect DNA. States which quicken us to perceive the other world and the Beings that people it; states that turn our genes on and off. Back then, we didn't understand the "why or how" of it, we only knew what the elders had taught for thousands of years.

So out we went, under the clear star filled sky, on top of a red and very eerie, ancient rock formation to meet the spirits of place; elemental spirits which guard the land. And we began to see sparkling lights in the rocks and bushes but no one said anything—we just listened with our hearts.

But, as my friends were sitting together on the bluff I noticed just one of the men was standing back in the darkness, facing outward as if on guard. I instinctively walked over and stood beside him; I knew exactly what he was doing. I was doing it too, but from my own spot on the ground.

And I heard another cultural perspective that was exactly like my own, only from thousands of miles away from a different place and people; the story of middle world spirits and how some are lost or trapped deceased folk’s spirts who sometimes will step into the body of a person whose spirit is out journeying. (Though, there are also many others who are not lost; nature’s spirits, other world, energetic life forms, healing spirits et al and they all belong there.)

So, this man was not concerned for his friend, he was not concerned for me; he was concerned for the others, people who were experiencing for the first time an out of body state. People who were not trained. People who did not know to protect themselves with their own power spirits or were not familiar with them. The middle spirit world is like a box chocolates, you never know what you're going to get, if you are not in the "right" frame of mind. Or better, in a high state of mind filled with joy, love or emotions which are closer to The Great Spirit, you just never know what will be the result. These higher states of mind and medicine power keep you protected from attracting a “lower minded” entity or energy form. They simply balance everything out; an equal playing field is always impotent—it is balanced. You didn’t read that wrong; I didn’t say “important” I said “impotent.”

In traditional indigenous vision questing rituals, something similar is done. While the quester is high on a hill, where the power is strongest, others wait at the bottom to make sure they are safe in two ways. One, is physical safety, the other is spiritual safety. They create a sacred circle of protection, strength and high mental states or frequencies. The 33 degree angle of a parabolically shaped questing hill will increase the natural earth energies of Telluric current as they follow the shape of the hill upwards and create a rotating, spiraling Torsion field. Perhaps what you'd call a doorway. This is how the old ones would meet with the most powerful spirits, they simply sat in prayer seats in the middle of the proverbial portal to the other world—high on a hill. “Power lives in places.” And “wisdom sits in places.” Add a magnetic anomaly to the equation and you have a powerful place; spiritually as well as scientifically. You’d like it to be a balanced state of positive and negative forces; scientifically and spiritually; magnetically and tellurically. Which is what occurs naturally in a Spot of the Fawn.

And there is another reason for this seeking of “both.”

If you experience a Spot of the Fawn, whatever you need to learn from is available to you, whether it be your shadow self to address and balance, or your higher self which can teach you many important things; two sides of the same…. Whether it be the wisdom of a highly elevated spirit, or an indifferent one who may “still” have something to share, you have a choice of two sides of the same... If you don’t look at dark things, and now and then examine them, you will never learn to inoculate yourself from them—or inoculate others from them. There is no “good” or “bad” in nature; only polarities. Depends on what you’re seeking, calling, or needing, that day or night; you’ll get it. It’s good to know a little, before you go. Knowledge is power.

So, there we stood, an energetic wall of protection surrounding the innocent (or uninformed) others, also known as a sacred circle. In considering this, I realize perhaps it is our job to do this where ever and whenever we are with others in areas which easily alter us. We call these places, “Wild” Spot of the Fawn. Places that are not "altered" by the hand of man, or geomanced to be sacred circles of wisdom and high minded forces-- for eternity ie: sacred sites. But, are places of high EMFs and magnetic anomalies which are raw, unchecked and unharnessed. If you notice, sometimes people have frightening experiences of a paranormal nature in dark remote forests and mountainous areas. They may be simply unprepared for what happens as they inadvertently step into a Wild Spot of the Fawn.

Also, I have learned that altering, without proper training or information, outside of sacred circles in the middle world is not something to take lightly. You may not see spirit, but spirit sees you. I no longer “go out” unless I’m mentally in a “right” state of mind—in all ways—unless seeking my shadow self or to speak with my fears. And even then, I call in my protective spirits. --because nature has immutable laws when it comes to energy; I understand these laws. Even negativity has a purpose; polarities matter in life as well as in the universe itself—for change. Both have a very important role to play in all things. Two sides of the same…

 Nvwadohiyadv - Walk in Beauty.

Cover photo credit: Lorree Johnson


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