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The Truly Powerful have a gentleness about them; a stillness that takes our breath away. The "Truly" Powerful. They do not see themselves as others do...

They are people of little words; they watch and listen more than they talk. To have become "truly" powerful they have risen from dirt, from weakness and poverty of mind. Their rise to power was not without pain. They've been burned and scarred and yet, they remain noble and moral.

The Truly Powerful have fought many battles with others, but most importantly within themselves. They've taken life and they've given life and now, they protect life. They are powerful because they have won these great battles, which have stripped them bare and still, they've stood tall in their nakedness. To become truly powerful, they have accepted that power is earned, not given or learned.

The truly powerful never look down on others, they do not judge; they do not have to. They will always reach a hand out to you. The Truly Powerful lead without leading.

John Brown once said "Absolute power corrupts absolutely." The "truly" powerful are not corruptible. They've learned that power must be tempered with humility, with an understanding we are still who we once were. Who we once were made us who we are today.

But cross the Truly Powerful and another kind of power will come roaring forth, the waking lion, the thing that comes to the rescue, defends the weak, honors the honorable. It is the thing that heroes are made of. The Truly Powerful will leave nothing but blood and bones in their wake when stirred.

And then, just like that, they will have a gentleness about them; a stillness that takes our breath away. This is the mark of the "Truly Powerful." It is a mark that even they do not know they carry. Because the Truly Powerful do not see themselves as others do.

Adisi Waya