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I wish, I wish, I wish. I wish all the people that claim to actually “see” Bigfoots (and other anomalous cryptids) while out, could do a little research-- on altered states. Because some of the stories are extremely convincing and I don’t like to think people deliberately lie about something so profound. Then, maybe a good number of folks could admit, or realize, they're having *involuntary* visionary experiences “most” of the time and misidentifying the “rest” of the time. These people are interacting with nature in such an intimate way, they're perhaps slipping into altered states by natural means. And when this happens, it can appear as real as REAL can be. I know, I have been vision questing (voluntarily becoming visionary) in a traditional manner all my life.

Ancient people altered their states and were “deliberately visionary;” they worked hard to perfect the skills needed. Just look at all the petroglyphs in specific locations called Spots of the Fawn; they tell you all about it. Spots of the Fawn are found dotting the entire planet; you might be in one and not know it. Magnetic and electrical anomalies, they generate high EMFs; natural ones generated by the earth. Laboratory studies have shown EMFs induce altered states, for some people it doesn’t take much of an influence, either.

As for petroglyphs, show me just one where someone is casually farming, building a hut or hunting an "ordinary" animal. No, you'll find things you can't even imagine. All—Over-- The Place. Ancient people built 100 percent of their sacred sites in these places; it's been said religion was born in them. Why? Because people saw incredible things in them. Bizarre things. Spiritual things and yes-- Bigfoot. In ancient cultures Bigfoot was a spiritual thing the world over. You all know the many names of the creature-- all ten thousand of them; Green Man to Enkidu. If you read the stories and texts from this perspective, it will become clear.


Perhaps once, and maybe even within the last few hundred years, there was a forest hominid our ancestors encountered. It is not a stretch, which would vindicate all those who truly believe this is a real flesh and blood creature based on the stories. But clearly, it's extinct now if it ever was physical. You have night vision, game cameras, drones, infra-red, 1000s of boots on the ground and still—nothing. But reports from honest folks roll in by the day, sometimes by the minute. Just about “everyone” has had an experience who goes out; I have and my family members have. I feel they are not lying about “what” they saw; they simply do not understand “what they saw and most importantly-- WHY.” I can’t speak to footprints, outside of Raccoon prints (Little People), and Bear Prints (Bigfoot). But, I can say I have seen many photos, hundreds of them, which are misidentified as Bigfoot or Little People prints when they are Bear and Raccoon. Yet, there are some prints and track-ways which leave us scratching our heads. My instinct tells me, there is a real world explanation for them, as well.  Even if that explanation involves some as of yet, unknown scientific slant.  I try very hard not mention the "Q" word.

In today’s world, it is painful to think one is “crazy.” The mind will do anything to tell you, you are not. So, I will be sure to tell you “you are *not* crazy, you saw what you saw.” But it wasn’t exactly what you think, perhaps. And the definition of crazy is a slippery slope when you’re speaking of something that is natural to all humans; the visionary, or altered state. What’s crazy is that you are not taught about it, or have not thought about it, or have not taken the time to learn about it, and at the very least have not even explored the possibility. Because you feel it’s crazy to just “see things.” Well, it’s not.

Our ancestors looked at Bigfoot as walking in "two worlds; sometimes seen, sometimes not seen, but always heard or felt." That should be the first clue in understanding what their stories were about; spirits. But what is a spirit? Is it our own subconscious talking to us? Or is it an autonomous and conscious energy form? Personally, I don’t care. Many of us see spirituals and for many *ancient* indigenous persons, Bigfoot falls into that category flat out. Whenever I speak of my strange encounters, I am clear to say “it was a visionary experience.” Even though, it was so real that I was second guessing even myself! I know, because I am *voluntarily* visionary most of time; it is what I do. It is “my life’s work.” I understand and am cognizant of when I am not operating within ordinary parameters.


The spirit world was accepted and still is-- as real as the physical is-- to indigenous persons. It was thought that the two worlds were just two sides of the same coin. So, when the ancestors spoke of it, they made no distinction between the two realities. They didn't begin the stories with "ok, I had this vision while in an altered state..." They just told the story as they saw it; it was real to them. Today, it is not acceptable to see the two worlds as one; inner and ordinary. We understand the differences. So when all those extremely well-known, and very intelligent people speak of interacting with what is termed “woo” Bigfoot, they're having visionary experiences but they don't man up and say it out loud, for some reason. Yet, they know what they’re experiencing is “visionary.” Who would believe that a 1000 lb creature which speaks telepathically, transforms into trees and teleports, actually exists in ordinary reality? Not you; not me. And I am pretty sure even “they” don’t believe it. I am pretty sure  they second guess themselves and often. To tell you, sadly, would end their notoriety and small pocket of fame.  Even more sad is their next step; to have conferences based on their experiences or better, based on themselves, and how awesome they are that they can do these things or see these things or hear these things. They speak of "downloads" and "mind speak” and “cloaking” and disappearing cryptids and “talking orbs." These are all visionary and altered state experiences. They will tell you, they are special ambassadors to the “other worlds.” And that they are very important people, when they are simply experiencing something many do on purpose and on a daily basis.  But we are all "only human." It is always difficult to see things outside of our "own lanes." (egos) 


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For thousands of years people have interacted with "other worldly Beings" and much better than  anyone in the mainstream could ever imagine. They’re called Medicine People. For Medicine People, it’s just another day at the office. No need for conferences and you-tube videos with “messages for humanity.” Any Medicine Person worth their salt knew these experiences are personal, private and any messages were always for the individual not the world. And those messages came from the individual’s subconscious mixing with nature, or, what we call The Spirits. To be plain, these people are speaking with themselves, or the higher consciousness of themselves-- and perhaps something else. The wrong is, they're giving this information, meant for them alone, to you. We all know great and deep things; accessing those things is the trick. But again, it’s a knowledge you have and is meant for you alone—by traditional understanding. But, I should say this: Medicine People feel that “the spirits need us” as much as we need them. Translated, this means the human mind is key to producing the possibility of spirits (or Bigfoot) projecting into our conscious reality. Is it partly physical? Personally, I don’t care what it is, or is not. I just know, I must be in an altered state to interact with the spiritual—as all my ancestors, and yours, did.



So why can’t we say it out loud? Bigfoot is a visionary creature or at the very least a misidentified forest animal. It would certainly calm the fire storm of silliness within the community. And hoaxes wouldn’t be viable anymore. We’d just be telling stories about our experiences, which is what we do anyways and always have. Maybe, if the “woo” community is honest, they’ll realize there is nothing to debate. Visionary things are not debatable, nor can they be replicated in a lab. And maybe if the science community is honest, they’ll admit that a physical creature is no longer a viable option without physical evidence after 50 years of searching.

Today, as it stands now, God forbid you don’t believe your buddy’s tale of Bigfoot cloaking; God forbid you don’t believe Bigfoot stepped from a UFO. And God forbid you don’t buy into the Patty material. For some, holding firm with “science” and “the lack of evidence” has led to some extremely dangerous situations; one man had his store fired upon. A store which has customers and a young daughter who frequent it. I will not go into the waste of precious time in the forum battles the Bigfoot Community is known for. Or the victimization of well meaning folks. At the moment, Science has the high road and those that defend it have the high road too. People argue to the death over something that does not exist in ordinary reality-- while people are dying in wars, suffering natural disasters, suffering cancer and starving in third world countries. To me, it feels a bit disrespectful. But that is my problem, not yours. In the end, science will have the last say in a modern world.


So, tell me you've seen one. Tell me they're real. Tell me you absolutely believe what you saw was physical. And I will tell you it is just a belief; belief is a choice. Belief in Bigfoot is one of the most difficult choices you can make to defend on either side of the spectrum. Show me your photos. I will say the same: Your blurry photos are just blurry photos you choose to believe are physical manifestations. Nature can manifest things that look exactly like common life forms, including humans, in foliage, rocks, in water. Nature repeats patterns in stunning fashion; stunning,stunning spectacular fashion.  For me, nature interacts with us in an intimate way.  We are literally wired to respond to her.


And yet for some us, Bigfoot or things related, are beautiful visionary experiences even if not "scientific things." For some us, we are “aware” it is visionary and still we value it. We are not crazy; we are humans having a universal human experience. We learn about “ourselves” from the experience, if we’re paying attention. Bigfoot, Dogman all the way to the gods and spirits and therianthropes and anthromorphs—visionary creatures in our experiences always come with a lesson; a metaphoric lesson. They ask us to look inside ourselves. Bigfoot is a mythical creature based on “real” visionary experiences; a universal symbol of our ancient selves and our desire to reconnect with nature once again. Because to disconnect from nature is unnatural. On some level, everyone knows this. On some level, everyone wants to reconnect. On some level, everyone wants to know the beast within; our primal selves. For me, the experiences I have are real "for me." They bring me joy; they make me a better person.


Being visionary in nature does not mean you're crazy. It's nothing to be ashamed of. Hell, all people are visionary; you dream don't you? And some people dream while awake. There is something called lucid dreaming and there is another thing called lucid visionary states. You are conscious, awake, walking out in nature and you see the extraordinary—you are consciously walking an alert dream in ordinary reality. It is well worth the training to achieve this state. But it is my “belief” that many of you are quite gifted already. It is my belief that you have achieved what “we” take an entire lifetime to achieve, with no effort what-so-ever. If only you knew what a gift that is. We are all vulnerable to the visionary state (the altered state); every single one of us.

So, my post isn’t meant to encourage or discourage a belief system. It is simply a personal observation and certainly not based in scientific facts. So, all I do here, is give you something to consider.

Because, I wish, I wish—I wish—

Adisi Waya