Dearest Lisa and Shaun, my friends.  It feels as if you’ve just lost a piece of yourself and I mourn with you. There is nothing, absolutely nothing, except the loss of a human loved one, which compares to the loss of a beloved Four Legged.  It is a special and extremely ancient relationship we have with them, perhaps more than we know. But know this, your beloved is as close to you as that chair you’re sitting in now…

In old times, dogs would lead us to the hunt and keep our families alive by helping to bring in the game. In many cases the Ancient Wolf taught us to hunt.  They often sacrificed for us, their lives.  Hunting was dangerous business.  They would also keep us safe at night, alerting us to intruders.  They guarded our children.  Their joyful play made us laugh. In return we shared our fires and meat with them.  We couldn’t have survived without them—those beautiful spirits.  So we recognized them as family.

In Northwest American Native culture, dogs were Sacred Beings.  It was said if you ever yelled at a dog, you’d be cursed.  But if you treated dogs with kindness, luck would come to you.  The reason for this, is we believed dogs carried special spirits within them; helping spirits. Spirits which were a perfect match to us; spirit brothers and sisters.  Somehow, even after their physical death we’d find each other; over and over. Our beloved Four Leggeds would return to the world to assist us as long as we lived and even, beyond.  It is one of the most ancient relationships known of man and animal living, and working together, as family.  This is recognized because they are also a part of our spirit family destined to be with us throughout time.  The Domestication of Dogs was no mistake; for us and them, it was a sacred, ancient agreement between Wolf and Man. We became more “Wolf” with them; they became more “Human” with us.  And it is still true to this day; our Four Leggeds keep us connected to nature. Though no longer “Wolf” they ask us to “walk in beauty” with them in a different way.

Today, they remind us to get out of the house and run, walk or just throw the ball. To appreciate moments smelling the grass and trees. To tear up the toys. To wag at a stranger. To savor a treat. To bark at our neighbors. To feel the wind on our faces just for fun, as we ride in a car. To love without limits or expectation. To judge no one.  For some of us, they are the very reason we wake up. And for others such as elders, the reason we keep on living. They love us when no else can or does.  Dogs are sacred. Dogs are great healing forces.  It is a relationship beyond explanation, ours to them.  

So, I mourn with you and understand the pain you’re feeling today. I have often felt as an Immortal must feel, forever mourning the loss of my Beloved Four Leggeds, their little lives so short compared to mine.  I have held many as they took their last breaths, as old as I am. But I do know this, they always return.  They are always with me, whether as “Dog” or as “Spirit.”

Someday, your beloved will return and you’ll realize that piece of yourself, you felt you’d lost, is as close to you as that chair you’re sitting in now… and maybe, just maybe, you might see your “Beloved” in the eyes of that new puppy you’ll be holding close to your heart, as you do.

Dogs are Sacred Beings.

Many blessings on you Lisa and Shaun; I honor your Beloved Four Legged today.  May she always "walk in beauty."


Adisi Waya