Sky People; it happened.

Photo credit; Lonnie Gallagos. 

I cannot verify this photo yet I witnessed a similar event of which this image reflects, in a perfect manner, its likeness. 

Was I in an altered state of consciousness when I witnessed a "car" sized "star" flying silently and extremely low, over my home in the shadow of the Great Mountain? Perhaps, but I will never know.  Most importantly neither will you.  But what happened, happened. Exactly as I tell it.  It happened to me. And, I had plenty of time to just stand there and watch it happen. Plenty of time to think "Is this really happening?"

From Kripal; "Super Natural" with Whitley Streiber: "Whitley wrote a most remarkable forward for Jacques Valle’s book, Dimensions: There he struggled on the page with the nature of his recent and still ongoing encounter experiences. What bothered him the most is the "at once physical" and "not physical" nature of the Beings whom he was encountering. And yet I myself have faced physical Beings, he wrote. ‘The context of my own experience, with extensive witness by others, makes it clear that the phenomenon can emerge as an entirely real, physical presence that is quite capable of manipulating its environment. And yet, and yet. The next moment though, it can evaporate into thin air, leaving not a trace of what was a moment before an immense overwhelmingly real presence.’ He then dropped one of those amazing one-liners about the visitor experience. ‘I have even thought that it may simply be what the force of evolution (God, Creative Force Etc.) looks like when it acts upon conscious creatures.”

Fredrich Nietzche has an interesting word byte: "And when you gaze into the abyss the abyss also gazes into you."

So it appears we are swimming within an invisible sea as old as time. And that sea is also filled with creatures of light. For thousands of years, millions of people have reported lights in the sky, strange stars and orbs, and in many cases these events are on tribal land or within sacred sites. And of course, sacred sites are built on top of Spots of the Fawn. (Natural places on the Earth where the forces, natural forces known to science, are more pronounced.) 

Some of the wildest of my experiences within Severed Hand involve anomalous light (and sky) phenomena.

The date was February 3rd, 2012 at 5:30 am.  There was no moon and the sky was clear, jet black, and glittering like diamonds.  I woke up right as my dogs woke up.  I thought they were asking to go outside to relieve themselves, so out we went.  On the deck I turned to see what looked like a plane’s landing light coming towards us from the North. 

There was no blinking just a solid, consistent but notable sized landing light.  It was moving extremely slow.  It was silent.  It got closer, it passed overhead and it appeared to be just above the treetops over my head. It was the size of a car but made purely of light. From the side, same consistent light, no blinking and just as bright. This is odd because from the side, it shouldn’t have looked like a landing light anymore.  It drifted past and headed towards Mount Shasta.  No change; same light without a lick of difference.  Odd again, from behind, as it reflected over the lake, it was still exactly the same light and intensity.  It was clearly a slow moving, star-like ball of light. 

The light was different from any kind of white light I’ve ever seen in the sky, or anywhere else.  It was like a diamond in bright sunlight yet it was a black night outside. And “it” was a stunning "kind" of light which appeared to contain all colors of the light spectrum. Like a diamond in the sun, it was blinding.  It was what I’ve heard heavenly light described as. It was literally "other-worldly." 

It slowly drifted towards Mount Shasta in silence.  I could see the mountain clearly, its snow covered slopes glowing in starlight, as the floating “star” simply disappeared into the side of the west facing slope, the mid-section, of the mountain.

…into the side and it blinked-out.  Into the side as if penetrating it and blinking out in the process of it.  All I could say was: “No-way.”

From Strieber and Kripal: “What to do with the simple fact that these things in the sky do things that no machine can do; that they behave more like thoughts than things.”

I am not saying that I feel this was a space ship with little aliens piloting it.  I am not saying I feel it was human piloted.  What I feel is this: I think there are living, energetic, conscious "Beings" which are a part of this reality, that every now and again, we are privileged to see or perceive.  From an indigenous perspective, we may call these "Beings" spirits or even-- Sky People. For us, all living Beings are "people." 

It happened.  I'll leave it up to you to discern "the reality" or lack of it, yourself.  

Adisi Waya