The end of the world.


It was not the first time and it would not be the last…

12, 900 years ago was a global disaster so brutal it would leave us reeling. It started in the Middle East skies where it ripped into our atmosphere, split apart and rained fire onto the ground. The rest of its heavenly body rocketed into the North American Ice Cap where it slammed into the frozen wastelands with such heat and force that instant oceans and lakes were created; they could not be held.  Within minutes much of Northwestern America was flooding with catastrophic rivers of ice water, thousands of feet deep, instantly drowning the land and creating infamous landmarks such as the Columbia Gorge; nothing in the watery path’s onslaught survived.  It left the rest of the world flailing in 1500 years of cold, frozen darkness. A few thousand years later, a solar outburst incinerated, evaporated, or melted what was left. If there was civilization on the North American continent, its traces were wiped clean from today’s archeological detection.  (Based on the research of Graham Hancock and others.)

And indeed there are hints that once, the world was a very different place. After an event such as one of the many cataclysms the world has endured, it’s no wonder we do not remember our ancestral past. From evidence of cave art and other forms of eternal documentation of the many pre-cataclysm worlds, such as rock art, we know there is something enormous we’re missing.  Either we were different or the world was.


Below is a panel from China. 

China; the Bradshaw foundation credit..jpg

Similar to China, below is Utah, USA. (Bradshaw)

petroglyph park utah.jpg

Since our very first thoughts were committed to images and symbols on the rock walls of caves and cliff faces, we’ve been talking about the world we once lived and died in. And it seems, those petroglyphs weren’t just random doodling after a hard days hunting and gathering. Nor, were they solely the altered states of Medicine People; there are literally millions of them. But to think of these depictions as the imagination, think again. Some of these works of ours, are over 35,000 years old.

The following photo depicts a volcanic eruption some 34,000 years ago. It would be logical to use common sense and acknowledge that our ancient forefathers only depicted what was real, relevant, and happening to all of them.


Above, Chauvet, France; a depiction of a volcanic eruption 35,000 years ago. 

Picasso, after viewing 30,000 BC cave art in Chauvet, France, declared with awe “We have discovered nothing.”


In some cases, the work rivaled Da Vinci. 

 Bradshaw foundation

Bradshaw foundation

With great pain and time expended, we revealed some of the most bizarre worlds and creatures ever imagined. We didn’t sketch out (or sculpt in stone) seeds and berries exclusively, or for that matter, we didn’t seem to portray many of our Bison kills, either. We didn’t portray what one would assume was important to our survival very often. Or did we?   Our fantastical messages depict astounding, visionary and strangely beautiful Beings, some with human bodies sporting wings, horns, claws or the heads of other animals instead of our own. Other petroglyphs speak of flying orbs, lights in the sky and alien-like craft, not to mention what appear to be Little Gray Aliens. 

petroglyph park.jpg


396_1r19__2Glen_106B_Petroglyphs_At_Smith_Fork__1955.jpg glen canyon.jpg

Many show enormous foot prints leading nowhere; one print, at the most two. Footprints always lead somewhere, but these seem to refer to a phenomenon known by all as "the Sasquatch mystery" or better, a Being that seems to hail from another realm or toggle in and out of ours. A spirit, so to speak. Which, I am constantly reminded by friends and family, is real and walks in "two worlds."

And we sketched out talking plants, enormous serpents, spirals, waving lines of telluric currents, odd windows, circular openings in clouds, and strange hand prints pressed against a wall that might not be meant to be depicted as solid, as if pressing in from another realm. The most remarkable thing is, these extravagant images are so common it is as if we used to see these strange worlds and characters on a daily basis. 

As if, at one time, we saw them-- because it was our everyday reality.

And what is it all our ancestors say?  "We're all connected; we're all relations." They also say about the spirit world "we need each other." As in, the spirits need us as much as we need them.  Think on that a moment.


Perhaps they are always reaching out to us, and we, in our ordinary daily lives don't perceive them.  We're not paying attention. But if we're in a sacred site or a "wild" occurring Spot of the Fawn (power spot of natural and increased forces which exist in the natural world)       perhaps, perhaps...

10473167_817530734932336_2360005732127780498_n.jpg Cueve de las manos, argentina bradshaw foundation. 9000 yrs old..jpg


The paintings of random hand prints pressed against the walls speak the loudest to me and many are made by both male and female artists. Who are these rare and faceless persons behind the glass veil? What are they trying to tell us?

Could it be as simple as “You cannot see us anymore but we’re still right here?”

So we've suffered cataclysms.  But maybe we suffered something far worse.

Some speculate that the cataclysm of 12,500 years (or so) ago was triggered by something far more epic in nature than just the comet. Some researchers speculate that a deep space event occurred, upsetting the orbits and trajectories of many comets and asteroids, as we entered one of many waves of energy known to exist in our universe. Space is like an energetic ocean. Energy moves like water. In waves.

Susan Joy Rennison B.S.C hons. (Physics and Geophysics) has shown via her studies that Earth is being hit right now by a new energy coming from deep space.

“The sun is effected by more storms and X flares; all planets in our solar system show dramatic changes. Our magnetosphere is effected and has generated massive geomagnetic field changes and generated massive currents. These things affect the electromagnetic human body.”

Others have observed all planets in our solar system are heating up as well. Could these energies change the energetic forces our of planet?  Super charge it, so to speak?  Could they effect the Electromagnetic elements?  It's been shown that EMFs effect the brain and induce visionary states-- in laboratory studies.

And maybe, these things, these waves of deep space energy effect our consciousness, which in turn, allows us to perceive the "unseen." 


The threat of a naturally occurring EMP (an electromagnetic pulse), a world ending event, has happened in our past and hangs over our heads more than ever. The Earth has seen itself destroyed by sky-fire in the dark epochs, it will inevitably see it again. Just as it has seen many world ending floods, earthquakes, asteroid strikes and ice ages. Perhaps Joy’s research also points to energies that will unmask the other realms, or spirit worlds, once again. Perhaps it is a cycle and like the ocean, these waves ride in and engulf our solar system shores.  One cataclysm or event, bringing the other worldly realms in, another taking them "out."

And maybe, just maybe, our ancestors left these rock wall and cave images frozen in time for the day when we’d forgotten.  Or worse, for the day when were told the realms we once perceived were nonsense, like today.

Maybe once, our worlds were one; no one wants to be forgotten or separated, or torn away from each other, as “perhaps” we and these other worldly Beings were at some point in our remote past. As you’ve read, the mysterious missing race of the southwest, the Anasazi, were also obsessed with the other world and nurtured an intimate connection to it.   Here is one of their most beloved prayers. It perhaps speaks of a yearning to reach their counterparts in the other worlds. It speaks as if they knew one must be in a state of altered consciousness and holy/whole, or balanced between right and left hemispheres of the brain. The final words pray that the other-world they no longer perceive easily, is “true.”

“May the love between us be strong.  May the trust between us be whole (Holy). And may the worlds between us be true.”

So, why did we make these drawings where we made them? Within Spots of the Fawn?  100 percent of these prolific petroglyph sites are on continuity/discontinuity anomalies. They are sacred sites and power spots, known to the indigenous as “doorways.”  Maybe it was as simple as the concept of a map.  “This is what you’ll find here…” Or like an advertisement for travel to a faraway land “If you vision quest in this place you’ll see them again.”

As if by etching into the immortal stone, or building temples meant to last forever, even after so many of us had perished, people knew that by marking these places, building them, we’d never lose sight of how and where to connect with the realm of spirit. After many world rocking and changing cataclysms, the writing was on the wall for all of us to see, when the time came we could no longer interact with our strange friends (and enemies), our ancestors and the spirits, when we had been ripped apart from one world of many realms into separate ones, now hidden from each other.

You see, perhaps, the natural forces of our past were the same as all “Spots of the Fawn” today but cocooned the entire globe.  Perhaps, our world once was heavy in magnetics and telluric energies; EMFs which show in laboratory studies to influence altered states of consciousness.  Which allowed us to walk in a continual state of heightened consciousness, visionary and altered, perceptive-- perceiving the unseen realms while clear and functioning in our daily lives.  Much like I experienced in Severed Hand. That involuntary and unaware altered state where the world seems ordinary and yet, there “they” are all around us, the spirituals of myth and ancestral testimony.

All over the world built on the energetic Spots of the Fawn are the domesticated sacred sites; Giza, Stonehenge, Churches, Dolmens, Temples, Oracles, Standing Stones, Ziggurats, Cairns, Rock Wall Networks, Ceremonial Landscapes et al. Why did we “really” build them? Why did we work so hard to erect structures that took generations and thousands of men?  Perhaps our ancestors, adepts at astronomy and sky watching, knew the end was coming. Like the Mayan calendar, they kept track for hundreds of thousands of years. They built or accessed these “doorways” within Spots of the Fawn to remain connected with our invisible brethren. It’s been argued the Sphinx is far, far older than supposed (research of Robert Schoch).  It’s been argued Stonehenge is far older than supposed.  And the Pyramids of Egypt remain a topic of debate in whether they are older, or the knowledge used to build them is. The knowledge of many of these monuments may be pre-cataclysm—or more stunning, many cataclysms previous.  But they all touted a “connection” to spirit, or that other realm. Staying connected with it says two things; it was important and it was once a state of being-- or place, we knew well.

Though, these other-world Beings we might have shared space with may never have been “flesh and blood” as we are, they "perhaps" were still a part of our society; our gods, our spirits of place and path, our teachers and our loved ones and friends in real time, in our ordinary reality which may have been a contiguous state of altered realms and realities on our planet. They walked among us as our shadowy history suggests, and in some cases outright “shouts to us.” Or better, perhaps they're always "here" and unseen-- and we are the ones who once "walked among them."

Now separated from us today and seen as ghosts and whispers, we would not have easy access to them unless through the influence of deliberate and voluntary “altered and visionary states.” Which could always be found within The Spots of the Fawn.

“Only those who have learned to live on the land where the waters run pure, will find sanctuary. Go to where the eagles fly, to where the wolf roams, to where the bear lives. Here you will find life because they will always go to where the water is pure and the air can be breathed. Live where the trees, the lungs of this earth, purify the air. Go to where the trees give, from their breath to you, the cleansing and the purity, to where they protect you from the plagues. Snow is the great purifier. Go to where the blanket of snow heals. Learn to live in these places. You will live through the changes. There is a time coming, beyond the weather. The veil between the physical and the spiritual world is thinning; it is coming back to life.” ---Iroquois Confederacy


Today, the experiences throughout the ages have all become nothing but myths. Like a boat on the ocean, perhaps we ride the energetic waves of deep space cycles as they rise and fall in frequencies and planet changing cataclysms. Our civilizations rise and fall with them, the definition of “ our reality” rising and falling in tandem.

Once upon a time, perhaps the otherworldly realm was “ours.” And perhaps someday, it may be again. But until that time, there is a recipe. 


1.      Human consciousness.

2.      An altered state.

3.      A Spot of the Fawn.  

That’s all you need.  And you’re there.

(This article is not based in "scientific evidence." It is not intended to encourage or discourage a belief system. It is recommended to readers with questions to pursue personal research for further study.)

Adisi Waya