Spirit or Alien?

So what is a spirit to me?  It is something that exists.  It is something that wants to know us.  So, from that perspective what follows are personal thoughts on a controversial subject.  They are not meant to encourage or discourage a belief system. 

 Photo credit; Unknown.

Photo credit; Unknown.


In the 1950s our government, the government of Russia and even Mexico and China took a great interest in the “nuts and bolts” UFO phenomenon.  These and other countries took a very real interest, allegedly.  There are government documents recently released that speak of a US President meeting with “extraterrestrials” on a military base, allegedly.  There are documents which speak of Roswell, alien bodies recovered, and the testimony of many scientists, military personnel, and laymen and women who have witnessed the government operations “allegedly” dealing with these things.  I say “allegedly” because I cannot view or prove to anyone the validity of these things, let alone myself.  But, if they are true there is a mountain of “evidence” that these types of “things” exist.

So why hasn’t our government ever done the infamous “disclosure” of extraterrestrial life visiting our planet?  It can no longer be the idea of religion. The Pope acknowledges that extraterrestrial life is probable, somewhere, out there, if not here already. The Vatican operates a telescope called “Lucifer” in Arizona.  The location was once a sacred place to the indigenous, high on a mountain top, where the Kachina spirits would appear in our remote past—oddly enough. 

But why did our government intensively research for years up until 2012 officially-allegedly, even founding The Majestic 12 in the 1950s, and then suddenly the records went silent as if they just stopped researching with a “nothing to see here” attitude?  Many UFO researchers claim everything went Top Secret and nondisclosure was based on “the public couldn’t handle the truth.”  Why couldn’t the public handle the truth?  We are educated, we live in a civilized country. Could it be there was nothing to see? 

Or, could it be there is something we shouldn’t see?

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Once, I viewed a black and white video from the 1950s on the internet.  It was “allegedly” a surviving extraterrestrial biological entity from The Roswell incident communicating with a government official; a Little Gray.  Everyone laughed at it because it clearly looked like a puppet or a little suit which was animated; it looked ridiculous.  But, what if it was a suit?  What if it was a biologically grown suit?  And what if it was “made” to allow a body-riding spirit to live within it and traverse within our world of reality and matter.  Mind into matter.  A spirit housed in a ridiculous looking “suit.” And that suit, perhaps made by our own scientists to allow that spirit a way to communicate “verbally”—not telepathically.  Most Scientists are not, or would not be, good at mind to mind communication.  And those who are adept at telepathy, if honest, will say it is "hit and miss."  Most often the best you get are emotions and images; rarely a string of words is experienced by a percipient, if ever.

Perhaps, like the spirits of old who entered animals, this would be the ideal way to no longer be randomly entering our reality with zero physical control but finally being “in” our reality as a real flesh and blood entity, so to speak, of fabricated flesh and blood.  Just like we are spirit clothed in flesh, it would be an other-worldly Being clothed in a biological suit which would be animated and able to speak “out loud.” And done in a way where there would be no doubt, no need for telepathic translators and no mis-communications. Call it a more “humane” way for a spirit to present itself.  After all, for some, spirit communication is quite frightening.



So, what if during one of these meetings that those government documents “allegedly” refer to, our government officials learned that they were not dealing with extraterrestrials from another star system but Spirits? How does a government explain that to the masses?

Do they disclose-- “that?” 

And how did these Spirits manage to manifest these biological suits if not by our Scientists?  We, who never paid attention or listened. Perhaps they had something to say about the planet’s condition—and how it also affects them.  I have never heard of a spirit manifesting a physical body which can maintain physical form indefinitely.  I have, however, heard of spirits manifesting in the physical for brief periods of time.  

But, think of this: Science does have the understanding of how to grow a body. Perhaps military scientists created these biological suits based on instructions from the spirits themselves. There are brilliant scientists, musicians and physicists who have claimed their “inspirations” came from spirits in dreams.   Inspirations of extremely elegant physics equations were said to have unfolded in a vision for Physicist Srinivasa Ramanujan while communing with a goddess.  Neils Bohr said a dream was responsible for the discovery of the structure of the atom. All music is said to come from the other worlds-- a song out of the "blue."  The blue spheres often reported with spirits are also popular in religious depictions of Jesus, Mary,  Saints and a myriad of other Holy People-- who communed with spirits. 

If you were contacted in a dream by a spirit, or body-less Being, asking you to build a few organic bodies in exchange for the science of how to manufacture those infamous “craft” we now see in our skies and you were a Government Scientist, what would you do?  Your Government loves technology.  It’s big business.  So you build a few bodies-- and then build a few physical craft.  And those craft resemble the craft we've seen for thousands of years-- yet "those craft" are said to, and have always been said to,  be "spiritual craft."  Non-physical craft.  Roswell certainly was an odd event.  Was it "before" or "after" someone "allegedly" built a craft piloted by "biological puppets."   Reality is always reality and-- it is stranger than fiction-- they say.  But physical reality is always "physical reality."  If the reports are accurate as stated, a physical star ship from another planet crashed at Roswell when travel at the speed of the light is impossible-- for anybody-- in this universe. 

In other words, no one in the physical can travel across the vast expanse of space at the speed of light; period.

Perhaps, Spirits are just as natural to our Earth as we are and not star travelers at all.  Perhaps what we call "Sky People" are natural to the entire universe and come and go where-ever and when-ever they please-- non-physically.  Including to the stars and beyond.  Perhaps, like our ancestors said "They are a part of everything natural."  Perhaps, all the light phenomena we see are their true faces and forms "in spirit."

Ancient cultures not only spoke of body riding spirits as discussed earlier, they discussed inanimate objects imbued with spirits, such as megaliths (stones) and natural formations, as well as dolls and “the dead bodies of the recently deceased.”  A "biological puppet" in a laboratory wouldn't be a stretch. 

Today inexplicable craft are detected with military instruments.  Whether our physical craft and Top Secret or "their" non-physical craft, something is detected.  It is also inexplicable and shows traits that Science claims we cannot possess.  These craft behave more like "thoughts" than physical things most often.  But once in a while, we see something physical and rare which defies current Science, or better, what we're told we are not capable of.  Ours after all, perhaps?  The gift of the spirits to a willing Government Scientist?

It's been said the spirits listen and give us what we ask for.  Did we finally reach the level of understanding to ask for this technology back in the days just before Roswell?  

On the subject of “aliens” our governments are silent, even reacting to our questions with humor.  Aliens don’t exist.  And to hell, the final word is spirits “can’t” possibly exist.  I wish I could agree.  But I can’t.    

 Photo credit; Unknown.

Photo credit; Unknown.

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