Written with the permission and endorsement of my son, who is deployed in Afghanistan; my family responds to the cyber slander against our heritage.


 Art credit unknown.

Art credit unknown.



Anyone can change who they are; anytime, anywhere. Perhaps you’ve shifted from a past you’ve grown out of, or your parent’s version of you, society’s view of you, or from a life that was not your highest or authentic self. I have done it many times. I have no shame and do not apologize.  I am living this life as I choose to; a life of sharing, study and service.  To do this, I must be my most authentic; always changing, always growing, I am never who I was yesterday. I do not hide it. I am evolving in full view.  My life straddles a “red and white” world in a unique way. It also straddles the world of spirit and the physical, including the past and present.

And mark it—if I were to ever stab someone in the back I would look them in the eye as I do.  And I am fully aware if I did, it would come back spiritually and slap me in the face.  That is natural law; I weigh the consequences of every action I take, especially this one.  I have lived and died and dismembered metaphorically many times in this physical life; many, many times.  I have many faces.  I’ve walked many paths.  Like the wolf I walk with, I am loyal to those I love, kind to those who are true, giving to those who are lost or in need, yet I am also the wolf who defends its family with its life. We all have a right to defend ourselves and those we love.  If anything, the wolf brings this important lesson into our psyches.

 Artwork by Aivee.

Artwork by Aivee.


This week I experienced my first Cyber-Stalking and defamation event regarding my native-ness.  But, this goes deeper than a simple internet attack.  It started with a few intimidating pms and emails from an anonymous “stalker.”  Soon, I learned from the professional trace searches it was my ex-daughter in law, Brianna Eyler (Brianna Banta,  Brianna M. Shott, Brianna Shott) of which, I barely knew.   She is identified as Juanita Chiquitta in her online posts, which obsessively claim my family has no native heritage. I am accused of being a fake and "plastic shaman" which is odd because to use the term "shaman" is something a First Nations person would not do; it is a Siberian term.  The site she chose to do this within claims native ownership but upon a closer look it is run by a Mexican American with no native heritage and admin'd by Europeans; it is involved in many lawsuits.  So many, it must have a website which is not hosted on American soil to avoid the consequences of "hate speech." How she found this particular site, we will never know.  She has also dropped in on genealogy sites to let the world know how she feels about our family.  It is her intention to destroy the credibility of anything I do, write or share forever; it is personal. If she discredits me, she discredits my son.  To hurt me, she hurts him.  When people are rejected, as she was, sometimes they lose all sense of dignity and this is what transpires.  

I am not the only one in the family she has obsessed with, I am only the most public.  She has harassed my 13 year old granddaughter and cyber slandered my deceased father and grandfather. My 90 year old mother is devastated and has responded to this as a crime victim would.  I am contacted monthly by random folks who read these things and sadly, believe them.  Many times they feel compelled to repeat what they've read, or feel they've discovered online, write me, and call me "a fake." It is incredible to witness the power of the internet-- and ignorance.   

My son met our stalker, Brianna, on a dating site and married her a month later this summer to give this woman a home when he deployed to Afghanistan suddenly. She is young and spectacularly beautiful. She is also psychotic. He divorced her a few months later from a battlefield, horrified by her “stalker” behavior in many aspects of her life. This includes seeking the private information of others without permission with malice for personal gain, and or, illegitimate motivations. To our dismay, she has a criminal record of multiple assaults and miscellaneous other charges.  She does not work nor could she for the reasons stated. She is now living off my son’s legally required army alimony and in  past moments, my family’s generosity. My son is a professional soldier and an honorable man; he is hammer-shocked and deeply disturbed by her behavior and what he has learned of her.  As she lives off his support, she attacks our family. As she lives off his support, she attacks him professionally.

But we are not angry; we are repulsed.  To silently endorse this evil, is to endorse it for all time.  (MTSAR). Evil itself-- and evil people are attracted to our weaknesses.  Just ask any psychopath or “stalker.” Public stalker-defamation behavior always revolves around discrediting anything that would be damaging to an individual and twisted to suit; it is an obsessive behavior at its core.  True psychopathic behavior knows no bounds until death do you part.  A psychopath doesn’t stop until you’re destroyed; professionally, emotionally or even sometimes—physically.  A malignant man or woman is not to be taken lightly.  The first rule for victims of cyber stalking is to “out them.”  The second rule is to never reply directly to their posts.  In some cases, these people will take it a step further and graduate to inflicting harm to a person, pet, or property.  We are prepared for that.  This week she damaged my son’s vehicle she is still in possession of, while he is deployed and unable to retrieve it.

Because it was a direct attack on our lives my family feels an obligation to reveal the details to the public.  The internet is forever and forever Brianna’s anonymous words will be read.  Words have power, yes, but “other words” can leave them impotent.   

This week Brianna engaged a native watch site who is ignorant to who she is; a census report was posted to show my family could not possibly carry any Cherokee blood.  Then, much of my life and my mother's life, including our tax worth, property ownership and estate information were posted.  Following that were my personal pen names and married names. To add  were my father’s WW2 records and why those records were necessary I will never fathom. But nothing is sacred to a psychopath.  I am portrayed as a person who changes names or faces to hide something.  Everyone knows my many names; everyone knows my many faces.  I am almost 60 years old; I have shapeshifted many, many times.  And I am certain I will do it again. 

Yet, our entire family was laid naked for all to see in an infantile act.

Unlike my family,  because of what I do, I  stand naked on my own often; I share my deepest regrets, mistakes, fears, secrets and questions about life with many people in order to help them come through their own hard times.  I shared them with Brianna when she asked for emotional support.  This is why she chose the Native aspects of my life to target; a premeditated betrayal.  But I see terrible experiences such as this as learning experiences; I own them.  This, this week, is just another life experience that I will speak of often for the rest of my life.  Someday, it will help another to find understanding and closure. For that, if nothing else, I am grateful to Brianna for she has, in an odd way, unwittingly volunteered to help others through the telling of this story, as I will mention her name often and speak about it.  This story will live on for all time, here, on the internet in response to her actions.  For every action, we learn there is a consequence.

The public defamations are as follows.

Accusation one: In 2010 I referred to Modoc lineage which to me meant “traditional lineal knowledge.”  It was in reference, specifically, to the art of tracking animals and people of which I learned from a neighbor at Wecpus we called “Uncle.” It was on a hiking website and used incorrectly by me; in ignorance. The website existed for a brief few months until 2011 and then was deleted.  To find this, my stalker (Brianna) went back to internet archives only accessed with great difficulty and not for public consumption; she felt it was important you all know about this single comment.  But in your worst imagination, it only brands me as ignorant which I am.  I am self-educated as a “late in life” adult.  I have no formal  higher education.  I have a seventh grade math level at best.  I am self-taught in the literary arts.  I am not Modoc.

Accusation two:  I have no Cherokee heritage.  I have always understood that federal census records conflict with stories and information shared with me by my father and grandfather. Tracing the lines of a family’s mixed ancestry is an extraordinarily difficult and challenging task, even for a professional genealogist. There’s a variety of reasons why some people, *especially Cherokee* with mixed ancestry might choose to identify as white to government officials: to avoid persecution, prejudice, or other consequences. A lot of the records available to the public are inaccurate, fragmented, and sometimes families with mixed ancestry deliberately identified as white to protect themselves, while still honoring the memories of their ancestors in private. My world-view and understanding of my family’s heritage and ancestry was shaped through the stories, experiences and memories of growing up with my grandfather–not a notation in a government census record. 

Can inaccurate information be corrected on census records? - History - U.S. Census Bureau


By Jason Gauthier, History Staff, PIO
Can inaccurate information be corrected on census records? - History - U.S. Census Bureau


I will not deny that I am proud of my Aryan ancestry; it is an important part of me.

ARYAN:  The ancient inhabitants of Britain - the Gaelic and British Celts - have been described as forming a branch of what are roughly called the Aryans. This name has, however, little reference to race, and really signifies the speakers of a group of languages which can be all shown to be connected, and to descend remotely from a single source - a hypothetical mother-tongue spoken by a hypothetical people which we term Aryan or, more correctly, Indo-European. All the various Latin, Greek, Slavic, Teutonic, and Celtic languages are Aryan, as well as Persian and other Asiatic dialects derived from the ancient Zend  and the numerous Indian languages which trace their origin to Sanskrit.   

--Charles Squire 

But I have been intensely influenced by the Native aspects of my family. As most know, a child’s entire worldview is shaped between ages 1-8. As a child, I spent every summer on the Reservation with my Grandfather who rooted me in Yurok traditions; it has shaped my life in a profound way. My Grandfather was a part of the Klamath community, participated in the ceremonies, made his own canoes for the Boat Dances and “lived Indian” for 8 months out of the year.  One complaint of Native Purists is if you don’t grow up on a reservation, you are not Indian.  Fact is, I did grow up on a reservation; every summer of my life from 1959 to around 1972.  My Grandfather was not Yurok.  He, of course, was Cherokee and was embraced by the Yurok community. No one in our family is enrolled Cherokee and for many Cherokee Peoples that is accepted and respected openly.

My mother, age 90, has written a letter in her own handwriting, telling my Grandfather’s story on the reservation.  She wishes to share it here.  For those with further questions, she is always available for "a visit."  For the Cyber Slanderers:  Do a handwriting analysis.




I am accused of writing books and lecturing for money. My book has not been published; it is in formatting. I have written no other books.  I have lectured twice in my life at a Bigfoot conference—about Bigfoot and took no money offered and it “was” offered.  I have done one radio show on Coast to Coast AM with the beautiful and intelligent Connie Willis, gratis, (no money.) I do not need money.  That is the extent of my professional public life.  I have never charged for ceremonies or medicine making;  it is a private matter for friends and family only.  But I have made money making wine—something my cyber slanderers use as proof I am not Indian.   I didn’t grow up in a vineyard as has been said to discredit my “Indian-ness;” I planted one. I founded a winery in 1999. Today, I live a good life by inheritance; I want for nothing.

I have never “taught” native traditions. I do not teach; I practice.  My book, Spots of the Fawn, is not about Native traditions; it is about the unusual energies found in all global sacred sites, what happens to you within them and the concepts and theories as to why.  It is written from a global scientific as well as a global spiritual perspective.  When it does publish all proceeds will be donated to a tribal foundation of my choice.  It is also about learning from the land and the spirits themselves from my own perspective and experiences.  Yurok people, of “my Grandfather’s generation” would tell you, you may follow an Elder at their knee. But it’s the spirits who teach you directly. You see, not all indigenous traditions are alike and the pursuit of spiritual experience is personal.

Most of us are subject to internet stalking and bullying at least once in our life; young or old.  I am no exception.  But the deep pain of knowing my son’s, father’s and grandfather’s family history was targeted based on a “woman scorned” who we let in and trusted makes this something more. If this had been a typical stalker, we are strong people and would have turned away from this woman who is nothing more to us than a “small dog barking.”

Now, we must turn around and do what anyone would do in our position as a family; name her: "Brianna Eyler Banta (Shott)"

So it was my life and I lived it before the internet, before ancestry-com, before cell phones, before cyber-crime, and most likely—before you were even born.  I have shapeshifted many times and will do so again. I have many faces. And “that” is no secret.


To friends and even strangers who have so selflessly made medicine on my family’s behalf.  I would like to thank you here; you know who you are.     

As for, and to, Brianna Eyler Banta (Shott):  I defend myself and family under natural law.  Yet, and yet, I do not need to defend the ancestors and spirits who were disrespected this month.  As everyone knows, they defend themselves and those they love, in remarkable and sometimes unseen ways.  They too, have many faces and many names. 

And those faces-- are looking at you.

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To everyone else, thank you for your interest in my story.

Alyssa Adisi Waya (Running Wolf) Alexandria Jane Barlow/    and on FB: Alyssa Runswithwolves.

Born 1959 in Sonoma County, CA.             

Adisi Waya