Each day now, I will take my dogs around the block for a little “get out of the house” after I have been studying inside.  Going out, just out, for anyone, is a healthy thing of the spirit. Thing is, we pass a megalith that is split into three pieces-- cracked down the middle. It is covered in ancient glyphs on only one side. Once it was on top of the Mesa. It rolled down in some cataclysmic event. But somehow, years later, perhaps a thousand years later, it broke down the middle into three pieces. There is no explanation on record for how this happened. It stands as big as a house, tall and intimidating, and is covered with glyphs of visionary things.



I should have known, I mean I did know in the back of my mind, but never took the time to notice or feel it-- as I had just moved into my new home. I have only photographed the megalith in a flurry to share with others. But never had I stopped to talk to it, really speak to it.


Today, we walked around the block and came to rest on one of the split-off pieces for a moment to "just be." The sun was setting. I felt "that peace" wash over me as only in a Spot of the Fawn. I was slowly sliding into the consciousness of the rock itself-- being pulled into it, actually. As I looked up and into it, I began to see the faces; male and female profiles. I had never noticed them before. As if the rock was saying I am balanced; positive and negative, magnetic and electric-- electromagnetic. These are the traits of a Spot of the Fawn; they are balanced with these two forces. These are the frequencies science shows us that will put the human brain into an involuntary altered state. This is why we see the visionary petroglyphs at these places.  “But this higher than average electromagnetic action” is also a part of why pareidolia (seeing faces in nature, everywhere) becomes more accentuated in some people, in some cases.  They are now “seeing in a different way” while under the influence of natural forces.  What the ancients called “the gods” or “the spirits.” Today, many people see these faces that others do not.  They see them in photographs, in trees, in water, in stone, in clouds; they see them everywhere.  Once those “gates of the gods” are opened, they say they never close. To spend time in a Spot of the Fawn changes you.  In my opinion for the better.  I couldn’t imagine a world without the “gods” or without the “spirits.”     



I felt myself calming as I sat on the large block of stone. I noticed my dogs were relaxing and laying down too. And it hit me; that pure, cold and clean energy of total calmness and stillness. It reminds me of, if I were to close my eyes, I would think I was in clean snow. Yes, now I was in an altered state; I could hear the touch stone sounds of water like in all Spots of the Fawn.  Yet, no water was to be found anywhere near me.  My dogs were almost as if sleeping now. The megalith, the little Spot of the Fawn, or energetic power spot, had taken us all as easily as the wind. I stayed there a moment and wondered how many others had taken the "journey to the other world" right here. How many others had “gone within” their own psyches only to find themselves “somewhere else” with “others.”  To find themselves surrounded by Beings of Light, anthropomorphs and therianthropes.  To find themselves swimming in the tell-tale visionary patterns of ladders and windows and checkerboards of inexplicable colors and shimmering tones.   Oh, the stories I could tell of my journeys to, and through, these mystical places...




How odd to be in a busy neighborhood, this megalith, standing all alone as it does. In the middle of the every-day reality of cars, people and life. And yet, the glyphs speak of another place, right there, hidden in plain sight. It is a place any of us can go. All we have to do is allow ourselves and be still long enough for those forces to get ahold of us.

To let go and let nature.    


Adisi Waya