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All is suffering.  Or is it?

Raven reminds us.  In ancient times the Raven was a symbol of suffering.  The priests, to this day, still wear the black robes. You share your suffering with them and they in turn, listen to your suffering and then say “All is suffering.” Today, they may have forgotten “why.” But Raven hasn’t.

Many ancient medicine people the world over would wear black feather cloaks. In sharing our suffering with others, we shed it a little.  I call it “talking story.”  It is an ancient form of psychology at work. Talking relieves suffering through caring. When someone listens, it shows they care.     

“Caring” is a significant part of healing another Being; human, animal, anything with a consciousness including the spirits of the dead.  The simple act of caring, or listening to a Suffering One transforms the suffering into something meaningful.  Often suffering comes from “the meaningless” of it.  No one can understand why they are suffering, or those they care about, needlessly. No one understands why the world has suffering in it. 

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Yet, and yet, without suffering we would be living in a different universe. 

Our universe is all about polarities; black and whites, negatives and positives, and opposing forces of nature that surround us.  The story of Saturn, or “Satan” is about the great opposer; a force in our solar system.  Satan is originally based on the mythic tale of Saturn.  The story is written in symbol and metaphor and expresses an ancient concept of polarity.      

There are many obscure stories told by mystics and wise ones about the reasons for suffering in the world.  They do not involve “God.”  They do not involve “anyone” causing it.  The stories are about polarities.  These translate to choices in the human realm, they are about the gift of this universe to us, to choose; paths, morals, ways of living, ways of treating others, to love or not to love, the animals, plants and the Earth.  We are reminded often to “choose wisely.” 

Yet, no one chooses to suffer consciously, you say.  I agree, no one does.  But some do subconsciously choose to suffer.  Perhaps it is a lesson for themselves to learn.  Perhaps it is a lesson for others. Perhaps, it is even beneficial to their physical survival in some cases.  But there is a choice involved that they are often not even aware of. Perhaps that choice was made before they were even born and as everyone knows, we do not remember while here, what we perhaps signed ourselves up for. 

And sometimes, we are hit with suffering from “out of the blue.” No choice involved consciously or subconsciously; no choice from before we were born. It is as if, we stepped onto the squares of the chess board and lost the game without even making a first move. The wise ones say even that, something that is not self-inflicted, or self-chosen, is something to value.  In the end, everyone, in including you, who witnesses your suffering, learns to live every moment as if it is their last.  And that is a direct result of someone’s suffering.      

Without what we call negative experiences, we would not know positive ones.  Without darkness we would not know our shadows—or light.  And if one ponders it long enough, there would be no love without suffering either.  In a world without pain, or hate or any negative, there would be no positive.  It would be a different kind of world.  A world I would not want to, or to be scientific, could not “learn in.” 

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You have all heard the old teachings that we are all here to learn. We come, we learn, we leave and we are wiser and stronger in spirit.  We are growing our souls.  Learning comes through choices and serious choices cannot be made without intense opposites, or polarities.  Yes, we can look two Devils in the eye and choose.  What would we choose if we had the choice of a world of pure bliss?  Would we even know what it was if we had never known suffering? There would be no choice to make and we would not evolve from this state of, or level of, consciousness—ever.  We are not wired, physically or spiritually, to not evolve.  Everything is wired to grow and change, even the universe.

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In “The Beauty World” or place we go after death, or perhaps come from, it is a place of no suffering.  The old ones say we come here, we are born, or born again, to return to learn things “through suffering.”  Perhaps, after all, suffering isn’t really suffering.  It is simply learning; an evolution of the spirit.   

Without suffering we would not know, or become, all the good things that make us our greatest selves.

We would perhaps, never have learned enough-- to care. But, Raven reminds us.


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Adisi Waya