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When you are merged with a spirit nothing can touch you. When you are merged with a spirit you can do healings safely. I have only 24 spirits I merge with. It's been said some "Old Ones" had hundreds. These are moral and high consciousness spirits I speak of. One of my spirits is a black leopard. She arrived at a time that I would need her medicine (power) most. This year, I have spent most of my time merged with her. She will take me places in visionary states to see things-- some are human beings in their daily lives. These I can say without doubt, are enemies. And, I am always watching them "through her eyes." I do not make my enemies, they come all on their own. They are not the common kind. They are the kind that have been influenced by a source. They are human beings under an influence. They come to balance out what is taking place in one's life. In nature, dark things always present when you are shedding light on other things. It appears to be a law of balance.

In my life, they seem to appear just before I reach out to many people about the things I speak of here; on a radio show, an interview, a new blog post, a book release.  One of the strongest attacks, the catalyst, was just before I spoke to 3 million people for the first time on a radio show.  The next strongest attack, a synchronicity, came just before I spoke to an audience in 106 countries.   I was slandered, email hacked, credit card hacked, social media hacked and my name was given to sexual predator sites.  I was even added to the groups.  My good name was compromised for the next 1000 years on the internet as well as my family's in various ways. This kind of evil is not discerning.   But it is a force and that force is what balances out every aspect of the universe we live in.  That universe is a universe of polarities and polarities create choices.  We are here to learn through choices. Of how to be and how not to be; moral or immoral.   One of  those choices is about good and evil; another is about right and wrong.   And so on.

At the moment my son is under attack by the woman who has cyber attacked myself and my family.  So, I go to "watch."  And perhaps, "bind my enemy."  Oddly, enough spiritual warfare is a bit like cyber warfare.  It happens in another realm which is not physical; it is emotional with real life consequences.   If you want to read more about the horror of cyber attacks you can in my blog post: "The Slandering of a Family's History."


There was a time I felt that "watching" or better, spirit travel into another's life, violated the free will of others and did not do it without permission. But when you are protecting your family, it is much better "to watch" someone than to curse them. Even "binding" is somewhat cruel. But binding a person is sometimes a necessary measure. In nature, even animals will bind each other-- you will see grown wolves sit upon the young wolf who is crazy in order to protect the pack. To allow a crazy wolf to continue, draws predators into the young, old, innocent and infirm. The grown wolf simply sits on top of the young one and "binds" it into stillness.


Watching allows you to see what is coming. It allows the time to curse or bind if necessary. The spirits will assist you in protecting yourself, and others, in this way. These kinds of spirits will not allow you to violate free will; your target must be an enemy who has committed a crime against you. Or, is under an influence. If someone has committed a crime against you-- all bets are off. If you ever do violate free will, or curse or bind callously, these spirits will abandon you. There are morals, even in the spirit realm, where some people say there is no right and wrong. I can assure you there is, and polarities are everywhere in nature. You have a divine right to defend yourself and those you love. That-- is a "right." And a "right" is a moral thing. To turn the other cheek and send love and light, is sometimes the worst thing you can do. In "this" reality, things move slowly and manifesting takes time. Time you may not have.  Later, there is time for sending love and light,  and or healing compassion, after the target has been bound and rendered impotent.  


And with that, I leave you to search your conscience as I have, about these things. Revenge is a circle, to get caught within it, you better have an extremely good reason. And when you merge with a spirit, nothing can touch you. With that kind of power, you must always have temperance-- and even compassion-- for your enemies. From: "A lesson learned from The Spirits of Place/Severed Hand."

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EDITED FOR UPDATE:  Just after this post was written I journeyed (in spirit) while merged with the spirit of black leopard to my enemy.  I did this with the intention of doing a binding; not only my son, but my daughter was now, in that very moment, in harms way from the cyber criminal.  It was my thought I would let all my spirits decide whether it was necessary.    While merged with black leopard I asked them all "What should be done with this woman who attacks my family?"  Instantly, the vision shown to me was a scene where the woman was gagged, blindfolded and spun into a million strands of spider's webs which became like ropes around her body.  It was not a pleasant visual.  It was hard to watch.   I asked these spirits of high morals and compassionate natures  to make sure no physical suffering occurred.  I only wanted this woman bound.  That night I dreamed I took possession of all her technology devices; phones, computers, iPads.  

I woke up questioning, as I always do, if this was just my imagination.   I questioned if it was just myself hoping she would stop the horror she had inflicted onto my mother, father, daughter, grand daughter and son.  

It wasn't imagination.  Within hours I got the news.  Things had changed drastically.  We will be investigating her, perhaps prosecuting her and as they say "The seeds of its own destruction are sewn into every evil."  She had made a fatal mistake; an incriminating email she has sent has been captured. It is one of many yet it ties the rest together-- just like a binding-- it binds the rest together.  The email admits and demonstrates a clear cyber crime.  

And this time, she is "bound" to answer for the harm she has done.

In my world, spirits exist.  In my life, never once, ever, have they not done "right."

Adisi Waya