This is a story about making medicine or "spirit healing." Many years ago I had two other dogs that lived to be 16. One, at seven years of age, was diagnosed with bone cancer. After what can only be described as "Hollow Bone" healing, or allowing The Creator to come through you for transformation, she was healed. The Vet assumed his X-rays, which he diagnosed her from, were faulty. Perhaps, I said.

Her brother was diagnosed a few years later (different city, different Vet) with intestinal cancer from multiple X-rays and was showing signs of illness. He was tired and weak. After "Making Medicine" with the spirits, he was healed. The Vet, just like the other Vet, said his X-rays must have been faulty. The signs of illness, he assumed, were from an intestinal infestation of worms which were no longer present. Perhaps, I said.

This year, Arwyn was diagnosed as needing two knee surgeries from X-rays and physical examinations by THREE different Vets; one was a specialist in Portland. She was in great pain at times if she exercised too much. I waited a few months, as I moved my mother into the new house, and did "Medicine" with the spirits on her many times. It was all I could do for her-- spirit medicine. She seemed to get better and then was appearing as if she had no injury at all.

Then, the other day she cried out. To hear it was agonizing. She cried out many times that night. She couldn't walk. I did more medicine on her-- I didn't sleep. Her pain was my pain. All I could think of was how much I loved her and I focused all my intent on her healing. I made medicine in so many ways that night, I cannot even remember the methods I used. I left no stone unturned. I worked, on and off, until the sun came up. There was no spirit anywhere in my boulder field outside who wasn't awakened from their slumber with my drumming. Nor, a neighbor. It is astonishing no one complained that night.

I took Arwyn in, next morning, feeling that the worst was to come but oddly she was able to jump into the car.

Perhaps, I thought, my lack of taking her in for surgery, had damaged her further. But, she had just jumped into the car--

I was overcome with guilt. But, she had-- just-- jumped into-- the car--

Perhaps, I thought, my spirit medicine was something I needed to consider-- perhaps I wasn't good enough. She had just jumped into the car--

She walked into Vet and didn't limp. The Vet said "that's adrenaline." I nodded, hopeful. And a little mystified. Could it be?

For years, many people have been telling me, it is all imagination; it is all suggestion and placebo. It is misdiagnosis; it is just natural healing. They have said it is impossible to heal anything physical with just prayer or ceremony or spirit medicine. *All these things are correct.* But, I have always said, there is one more element to it: spirits are real. But like anyone, I question it each day. Each day, as I am only a human being, I question the existence of spirits. Before each healing I do, I have doubts, even though I have seen things happen over and over again, that I cannot explain. I am human.

We went to the Vet yesterday and X-rays showed no need for knee surgery in either knee. That is Two Knees. Not one; two.

Three Vets had diagnosed her. I had seen the X-rays. So, for you, this is simply a story, shared by a "strange" stranger on the internet. For me, it is my real life-- and spirits are real.

And just when you begin to doubt they exist--

Adisi Waya