Vulture; The Sacred Mother Bird

power vultures.jpg

The Sacred Mother Bird. There is no other who protects her young with such vigor. She is a protective spirit for some. For others, she is The Death Bird. She looks death in the face each day and serves a sacred purpose, to recycle it back into the mulch of creation from which new life springs. She is also considered a Rain Spirit. Rain, clean and pure, from which new life springs.

When she flies, she uses the earth's currents to lift her effortlessly. She rides the wind; she rides the storm. Her eyes are most keen and she can see great distances. She does not take life, she finds death and transmutes it. She is intelligent and shares freely. She will notify others of a body needing under-taking. In the old times, the dead were left in high places for her to return them to creation's hands in a sacred act. She crosses the lines between night and day; the physical and the spiritual. Her territory can be found in hot as well as cold places. She is duality; she is both death and life.

If she becomes your friend, she will be with you all of your life. She will teach that renewal and transformation of self is an important and worthy goal. To let go the things within you that should have died, could have, would have, been transformed within you.

So, travel to the high places and leave the things you no longer need with her; old pains, old guilts, old regrets, old traumas, and old grudges. Let her lift them from you as effortlessly as she flies the wind and storm. And become clean and pure again, as the rain, as Vulture reminds.

Vulture, The Sacred Mother Bird. One who served, and still serves, a sacred purpose for many cultures across the globe. One who reminded by example and metaphor.

Adisi Waya