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For myself, and many of my friends, Hummingbird is very special medicine. Medicine, meaning-- power. When ever I am questioning The Creator, in that very moment if I am outside, a Hummingbird will appear to say "Spirit hears you. Spirit is here." For me, Hummingbird represents symbolically, in what we call Nature's Language or The Forbidden Language, The Great Spirit-- The Creator-- God-- The All That Is-- or what ever you want to call It. Hummingbird is a messenger.

Recently, I did a formal a rain ceremony. It rained. And just as it did a Hummingbird buzzed and hovered in front of my eyes. It felt as if she hovered there for an eternity. Pueblo People see the Hummingbird as one who intervenes for those praying for rain.

A week later I was doing medicine in a slot canyon with friends and there was-- Hummingbird-- diving into the narrow few feet wide, twenty feet deep canyon slot to say "Spirit hears you. Spirit is here." Above us, Eagles gathered and watched.

For the ancient people of Southern Utah Hummingbird guided the souls of small children, and the unborn who died in the womb, to the afterlife and back to the world again. To the South American people Hummingbird is a bridge between sky and earth and acted as a sacred messenger.

In Meso America Hummingbird taught the Tarascans to weave sacred symbols. Hummingbird was also a symbol of the sun who is the ultimate life bringer. There are varied stories about Huitzilopochtli of the Aztec, a war god, but at their core this symbol was about the sun and how it must rise each day for life to continue. The Aztecs were people of war. With the Sun on their side they felt they would survive all things.

For Northwest People Hummingbird is a sign of luck, peace and joy. For others she is Fire Bringer; someone who brings life as fire is "life." Someone who brings warmth to hearth and home. Hummingbird is said to help those in need.

The Hummingbird's wings hover in the sacred infinity pattern of the number 8. The 8 symbol represents eternity and the sacred act of resurrection and regeneration. Each night Hummingbird enters a "little death" called Torpor. Each morning she is, so to speak, resurrected or born anew. Hummingbird is a symbol of new beginnings.

For myself, and many of my friends, Hummingbird is very special medicine. Medicine, meaning-- power. She, like many of nature's symbolic and living glyphs reminds us "Spirit hears you. Spirit is here." Or The Creator, or God, or The All That Is or-- The What Ever You Call It.

Adisi Waya