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"Once, science and spirituality were considered one discipline."

But, it is a different time now.

Alchemy was never about objectively turning base metal into gold. Even the most ancient of alchemists knew then how things worked. In fact, the further back you go the more they knew. Modern anthropologists ponder the why or what or how and attempt to explain it. They forget alchemy was a set of metaphoric rituals for something deeper and "other." If you are a person who has studied other ancient spiritual systems and methodologies, you will see it. And perhaps, at its most primitive roots alchemy is at the origin of many ancient methodologies involving the spiritual pursuits, as alchemy once walked in lock step with Hermetic Principles. Hermetic Principles, ancient or not, are recognized in many forms of spirituality all over the world.

Base metal into gold/into diamond state is, was, also a metaphor for the human spirit's inner transformation and not just an alchemical goal in objective reality. Alchemy was a layered pursuit in the most ancient of times in Egypt or KMT (Kemit) for which alchemy is named. The curriculum was closely guarded by priestly castes and later by the world in general. It was considered a sacred pursuit and initiates and heirophants worked hard to become students of it within a myriad of mystery schools. Why it was such a closely held secret is a riddle.

Like all things occulted Alchemy was presented and taught in metaphor, allegory, and used what today are considered ancient and mysterious symbols. Alchemy was the conclusion of an education of many other sciences-- it was the ultimate. Mysteriously, it was considered "a path." Why is it was considered a path is another riddle. A path to where?

One half of primal alchemy was physical chemistry; the other half was spiritual chemistry. The first half also served as a ritual to focus one's spiritual intent. That is what a ritual does; it focuses one's intent and brings a physical aspect to it-- a kind of reality to it. It "feels" more real. As you focus your intent or prayer, you are performing a physical act; again, more real to you. Alchemy in its most ancient days was a classic spiritual pursuit with powerful ritualistic behaviors that actually "did something" physically chemical in tandem with the alchemist's spiritual growth. Knowledge of the universe and its physical properties grew "with" the alchemist's spiritual understandings and under-takings. Within the chemistry were hidden teachings of the spirit in metaphoric forms. If you look closely, you will find the stunning brilliance in this. As an alchemist learned more alchemy, he was learning also about his spirit's growth; he was growing his soul. That is how it was devised; a man learns about how the universe works by experimenting and studying natural processes and at the same time is taught metaphorically about how to know his own inner "self" or spirit. Most importantly it had an element to the teachings which allowed only those with high moral terpitude to progress. Today, we have "alchemists" who have lost that thread of origin; they seek to make objective gold. Or we have spiritualists who know nothing of alchemy or Hermetic Principles; they seek to become "The Light." The alchemical Philosopher's Stone involved producing a thing via a process which involved, or culminated, in light. Whether that was inner light, objective light, or both, is a riddle of course.

The Hermetic Principles were once the foundation of alchemical knowledge; what people learned before the alchemist's path. They are applicable to both the physical world and the spiritual world as well as the mental world. There are some passages within the Kabalion that literally describe The Philosopher's Stone's process in metaphor if you look closely. That process seems to describe the "natural" process of making MFKZT (edible gold) from a natural substance of the earth (another post.) MFKZT was said to turn a man "To Light." As the story goes, to consume it in high quantities for 9 months was the short cut to the infamous "Light Body." This was perhaps the final test of the journey on the path to the proverbial Philosopher's Stone. It was perhaps a method of producing both spiritual and intellectual gold and ended in a final test that was literally "out of this world."

Mfkzt which translates to "What is it?" The center of the periodic chart of elements consists of what are known as the "transition elements," meaning that they can transit from metallic to monoatomic or diatomic via chemical treatment or Alchemical methodologies. When you have two or more gold atoms in a micro-cluster, it will have metallic properties, but if you have only one atom, it will then have ceramic properties, which means that it becomes chemically inert but at the same time will have superconductive capabilities even at room temperature. The weight of these amazing materials can also change by heating, becoming lighter, even to the point of levitation and, or a wavering invisibility of the substance. Mfkzt-- manna from heaven. Mfkzt-- the food of the gods. Mfkzt-- the maker of gods. Mfkzt-- white powder gold baked into conical shewbreads and taken into the Egyptian Pharaoh's body. Mfkzt-- white fire stone; the literal (physical) version of The Philosopher's Stone and not made by "bakers" but made by Egyptian metallurgists or the ancient Alchemists of KMT. Mfkzt, "What is it?" It is, or perhaps was, one of the most closely held secrets in the history of mankind's spiritual journey. It is a substance that truly straddles three realms-- mind, body, spirit. With this, it can at times induce epic altered states of higher consciousness and all that is said to come with that. Mfkzt is monoatomic gold-- made from the proverbial skin of the gods.



As everyone knows, there are no short cuts to "enlightenment." For those that take a shortcut to enlightenment it has been said, it does not bode well for them or the world. Perhaps this is the answer to the riddle of why the ancient alchemist was taught the way he was. Perhaps this is why we have all of the secrecy for eons. Though no one has ever proven the Spirit-Fire-Stone existed in its alleged form as perhaps it may have in ancient times, I can see "the idea" of it carrying forward down stream in time and growing into a mythic tale of epic proportions. I can also see the original recipe being lost within the occulted information hidden so well by so many generations. I can understand why monoatomic gold runs a close second in the real world as the new mythic material. There are some chilling similarities in the ancient literature that is for sure. Yet, no one has turned to light after consuming it. And, obviously, I am still here. Edible gold is now used in medicine for some diseases of the immune system. It has had stunning results.

So, Alchemy was never about objectively turning base metal into gold. Even the most ancient of alchemists knew then how things worked. In fact, the further back you go the more they knew. Back then, the spirit was groomed right alongside the intellect and equally so. I can admire that. And so, this is "all" what was perhaps meant by-- "Once, science and spirituality were one discipline in ancient times." A statement I have always pondered-- and even respected.

(This is an opinion piece. It is not meant to rewrite history.)

Adisi Waya