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Happy Summer Solstice to the Northern Hemisphere. Full summer, longest day of the year and the time of the lightest-brightest- light. It is a time which symbolizes our our lives in full maturity and power; the halfway point of our journey. It is the sun's highest point in the sky. It is symbolically our highest point in our mid-lives or mid-summer. South is the symbolic direction of summer. It is the second act of the circle. It is represented by fire. An aside is that in deep winter the advanced will do their most profound and difficult inner realm work of the psyche. However, it is said that to do inner work during Summer Solstice allows those not versed in the darkness of the deep inner realms, a more comfortable and balanced experience. It's said that perhaps a more gentle journey is taken at this time of summer as an introduction to the act of exploring the darkness of the deep winter of one's soul later at the still point of the year. But for most, Summer is about "going out" and expanding consciousness and life with the brilliant, golden and fiery light of our spectacular sun. It is a time of gathering and beautiful joy. (Photo credit: National Park Service.)

Adisi Waya